Family Pathways builds new building off the back of court ordered services and misery

Over the past few days I have seen all of these positive things written about Family Pathways. And I have kept my mouth shut up until this point. So lets air the truth out about family pathways.

Family Pathways is a business that makes a large portion of their funds off the backs of the Butler County Courthouse and the horrible child custody system.

When in child custody court, all a woman has to do is file for that silver Bullet called the PFA. Once the PFA is in place, then the courts will go onto say that you need “supervised visitation” from Family Pathways” And this is where the Family Pathways scam starts.

Once you are court ordered to go to Supervised Visits you then pay out of your ass to see your child. Here is how this scam works.

After the order, Family Pathways charges you $220.00 for both parties to speak with someone about the case for an hour (tell them nothing without a lawyer with you literally say no comment anything you say will be held against you) You go in and talk about your case, and concerns.  That is $220.00 to start.

Once you play Dr Phil with these untrained monkeys, you will then be allowed to see your child for visits. Family Pathways charges $20.00 an hour for a visit. (Per child I believe) Family Pathways places you in a SMALL room and a staff member sits inside of the room with you and your child. These rooms are the size of a bedroom, often with a table and couch. There is no air flow, small room and it is crowded. The toys are VERY outdated and look like they have been picked out of the garbage. Literally I had to buy batteries for the toys so the kids that go there could use the toys. I paid for this out of my own pocket because Family Pathways would not buy batteries for the toys there.

During this hour visit, Family Pathways asks you to pay the $20.00 bring toys to this small room, and foods to this small room. I found the rooms to be hot, often smelled like used diapers (Garbage cans always had used diapers in them)

Most terms of visits to see your child is 4 hours per week. So you will be paying to start $80.00 a week to this place to see your child.

Once the first term is up you will go to court ordered mediation. Family Pathways fills out a report. And that report will cost you $60.00 What they do is take notes every week, and for them to print the notes, they charge you $60.00 and if you do not pay the $60.00, you are suspended from the program. At that point you have not complied with the courts order,and you will lose custody of your child.

After all of this, Mediation At least Jackie the witch will almost always say that you need to go to family pathways for a 2nd round of visits. At this point you are awarded 6-8 hours a week with your child. 6-8 Hours a week with your child locked in a small room with three people. I personally have seen many kids that could not wait to get out of there just due to the conditions. Kids screaming and kicking the door to leave the small rooms during the visit, because kids want to run and play.

Now that you are court ordered to 6-8 hours of “Supervised visits” you will be expected to be at Family Pathways three days a week (If you work call off) If you do not go to the visit times you are then in “Contempt of Court” So you WILL miss work, and you will now pay Family Pathways between $120.00 to $140.00 a week to see your child. At best this will cost you $480.00 a month to see your own child in a hot,small, crowded room.

After the 2nd round of visits are over, you will then pay another $60.00 fee for them to print the notes. And literally in my case. Family Pathways said I needed more visits because my son would not eat the “healthy food” I tried to give him. (What was I suppose to do? Shove it down his throat?)

If you want an employee at Family Pathways to testify at a custody trial, well that will cost you hundreds of dollars for their time. Most of the time the reports from Family Pathways are shot down in court. And I mean a LOT of the time Custody lawyers destroy these people that work at Family Pathways.

Family Pathways will do anything to keep you in the “program” why? Well because they make a lot of money with you there. You have several rooms for these visits. There can be 5-6 visits going on at the same time.

Family Pathways is creepy, here is an example of the improper ways of Family Pathways. Whoever your case worker is at Family Pathways, if you have a young child that needs to use the bathroom, a family Pathways worker will expect to watch your child go to the bathroom. While you are helping your child use the restroom you will be ordered to leave the stall door open. This way they can watch you help the child go to the bathroom. This is creepy, and the child will not be happy. If you can not get your child to use the bathroom, then Family Pathways will give you a negative report.

Family Pathways will assign you visit times. And I can speak from my experiences only. As I said I dealt with Elaine Lydon, and it was the norm for her to show up 5-10 minutes late for visits. In fact she was late to 16 visits. So when you pay for time. Expect to be robbed of 5-10 minutes of visits when they are to lazy to start the visits on time. They will always try to pass this off on the “other parent” but I know for a fact when they were passing the buck with me it was not true. At times I felt confused why Family Pathways would want to make a bad situation worse with these tactics.

Family Pathways due to my experience and others experience is nothing more then a money making scam off the misery of parents and the back of the courts. Family Pathways makes a large portion of its business by the courts. They will do almost anything to keep you in the program until they need the space, or filled your space with another victim.

And do not take my word for it. Listen to the Fathers AND mothers that have dealt with this place. They treat you like second class people. The phone operators are rude. Management talks to you like you are trash.

During my stint at Family Pathways (And I will only speak of my experiences) Butler News broke the Jordan Lambing case. And while this story broke, I was on the phone with multiple news networks so they could use my pictures. I call Family Pathways and said I could be five minutes late for a visit, into which the operator started screaming at me. Told me they will cancel my visits, charge me for the visit. And if I did not pay the funds owed I would be in contempt of my court order.

I was on my way to a visit at one point in time. On the way to the visit my car was hit.  I called Family Pathways and spoke with the woman at the front desk, articulating that I was just in a car accident, I was dealing with the Police and the other party,and that I would be late for visit. Family Pathways then filed paperwork saying due to this incident I was not on time that day. Wherefore I should stay in Supervised Visits. At one point I was told “leave the car and walk to visit” (Sure the Police would have loved that)

Family Pathways is money generated, they cancelled out all of my visits and said I could no longer have visits. I in turn was stunned and “flipped out” Family Pathways then went on to tell me this was because I owed them $5.00, I had to drive 60 miles to Butler to pay the $5.00 or all of my future visits were cancelled. I asked staff if I could just pay the $5.00 on my credit card and was told NO. Basically, they will mess with you to test you.

Family Pathways is a cancer, during many visits when I was to be having visit time I was asked about postings on Butler News, I was questioned about my personal life. I was questioned how I had so many different cars. I was not there to be questioned or chit chat. This I thought was out of line. Family Pathways will go and use this information against you giving information to the other party in the case.

Ask almost anyone that has been through Family Pathways by court order, Male and female. And they will tell you that this is nothing more then a business that I personally thought did not care about the kids. The courts keep family pathways going. So Family Pathways will do anything to keep you there. They are terrible!

I talked to one father that was involved with Family Pathways. He was paying them so much money he lost his house, was taking time off of work and ended up filing for Bankruptcy as he was paying Family Pathways one third of his paycheck every-week. Adding on his child support he was telling me that he lives on nothing. I still talk to him, he was involved with Family Pathways for nine months, in order to keep his job he could not visit as much. Family Pathways filed a negative report on him in court saying he missed visits and needed more visits due to the missed visits. In the end he stopped going to visits, and I do not think he sees his children to this day.

As much as the Eagle wants to promote this business (Family Pathways advertises in the Eagle) this business does not care about the kids in my opinion. They care about making the big money and do not care who they hurt to keep making that big money.




  1. My childs father was order use these services. He took so many visits our daughter wanted to go home with her dad an I agreed. Family Pathways made this crazy report that he needed more visits because he did not bring Juice Boxes to visits on two occaisons. I regret having to put my ex into that place. They did nothing more then make my custody worse and it seems like they wanted to take our daughter off of him. Nine month later and he is a great daddy.


  2. I was ordered these visits these people treated me like shit always late small as fuck try being stuck in a room with a teen for hours I had to endure like four months of this shit, the tools wanted me to bring treats for a freaking 13 year old retarded as fuck all money making man


  3. I used Specialty Outreach Services (SOS) when I went through my PFA nightmare. I actually had a positive experience given the circumstances.


  4. We at family pathways need to watch your child take a shit! How dare you question us!! Watching a child shit is a positive experience for all parties


  5. Maybe my experience was different because it was not court ordered, and had absolutely nothing to do with visitation, or custody in any way. My almost 15 year old daughter is a sexual abuse survivor, (at the hands of her own biological father…..) and told us 2years ago now. He did get convicted, but took a plea deal so his interrogation wouldn’t be played in court…..too much embarrassment for ppl to see apparently…..served a whopping 93 days in jail, 15 years sex offender registration, and some mandated counseling…..that was his punishment. That’s it. She however, will struggle with this in unimaginable ways for the rest of her life. So obviously we were seeking support groups for other kids her age, who had experienced similar traumas, of which there are ZERO available in the entire county….and they make it so difficult to organize your own that it seems impossible. Individual therapy, and sometimes family therapy too, was put only option really. And they insisted she continue taking meds, tho she said they weren’t helpful. (All mental health personnel, not family pathways alone.) in about a year and a half, we’ve been shuffled through 6 different mental health facilities, over a dozen therapists, (there seems to be some difficulty in retaining them at some facilities,) been put on meds, taken off, dosages changed around, all of which is NOT going to lead to a professional trusting relationship with my already scarred child. So we feel stuck….in a dark place where her well being doesn’t matter as much as I feel it should, and there are no more resources. No place to turn, and so we just get through it the best we can. I’ve gotten off topic here, but my point is that we didn’t feel any more or less respected/disrespected at this place than any other we’ve dealt with. I just wish there were more resources, more opportunities, or at least the ability of regular people to try to start the programs so desperately needed here without having to let their house forclose, or jump through hoops.


  6. F this place. They f’d up so many of my family members lives. They lie on the “reports” they’re ordered to give the court. They just write whatever the f they want. They have no consideration for anyone but the “courts”. They don’t care about the kids or the parents. I HATE this place. Some of the “counselors” are pieces of shit. Honestly they need to be turned in, which I did report them to state years ago, doubt anything happened. Because they’re all in this together. BTW, it has nothing to do with being a man. They don’t treat women or children any different. Also, F them & their we need to watch the child in the bathroom. I will kick you ass if you think you’d watch my child, fuck that Chesters. No wonder some children & adults have so much trouble later in life. They mess with your head. DO NOT EVER SEND ANYONE HERE IF YOU CAN AVOID IT. DO ALL YOU CAN. Also, a big FUCK YOU to Jamie the lady counselor she is NOT a nice person & shouldn’t be counseling anyone but yourself. The man who was a counselor (forget name) I wouldn’t let alone with my kids, hope he’s gone- freak show. Like who the f do these half ass counselors think they are anyway? Write up a bunch of bullshit lies even to break up families, & it’s not like the court will listen to anything else. All they do is make the custody battle even worse – & they SUCK as human beings. They’ll pick a side & the other side is fucked, the end. Oh & the children, that’s right we’re all here for them. Well, they don’t G.A.F about them. Sick people here. Not Family pathways, Family end of the road. Sorry for rant, this place DESTROYED any progress that was being made. I LOATHE THIS ESTABLISHMENT.

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  7. This place is terrible. I no longer see my daughter because I forgot her juice boxes two times. Due to this, Family Pathways said I should stay in the program for a year. Such embarrassment I quit.


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