Brandy Lane,29 charged with having drug contraband…Heroin

Brandy L. Lane, 29, of Jefferson Township was charged with having more than a dozen empty stamp bags of suspected heroin and other drug contraband in connection with a Fourth of July traffic stop at Elm and East Locust streets.

An inventory search of the vehicle turned up a coin purse that was under Lane’s seat. The purse contained 14 empty bags of suspected heroin, a syringe and a Chore Boy copper scrubber.

The defendant admitted the items were hers. While she was being searched, documents said, a second syringe fell to the ground.

Lane is charge with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Which amounts to nothing more then a fine.



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  1. Fiveangels don’t understand why these junkies keep their empty stamp bags ,us criminal types have always been taught to destroy any and all incriminating evidence before the local constabulary discovers it.


  2. She really just needs to die a slow slow slow death … go die junkie… piece of shit you don’t have a disease you are just a slutty idiot that has no self respect.. for real do into a dark hole and shoot up 20 bags at 1 time and do us all a favor


  3. I assume that She’s a dumb cunt has led the life of a Saint there for he/she can pass judgment on another troubled soul.
    This poor thing needs some hope in her life that things will get better for her,we should offer words of encouragement and support for her
    I for one won’t give up on her and offer her hope for a better life. I’m not a religious person but the answers to your problems lie within your self and the power to overcome your fears of withdrawal from drug addiction are in your soul if you have the courage to seek them out .You must try and try again until one day the answers to your problem appears to you.The answers are within you,never stop looking for them.


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