James Musser III, 36, pleas guilty to multiple felony cases

James Musser III, 36, pleaded guilty to seven cases against him, including those involving burglary and theft of a medical bag from an ambulance. Musser plead Guilty to charges of felony burglary, criminal trespass, theft, misdemeanor retail theft, receiving stolen property and two counts of theft from a motor vehicle in seven cases .

He was given 18-48 months in State Prison for multiple felonies, some violent. Musser continues to be held in the Butler County Prison on a total of $202,800 bail in all cases.

Once again, this war on drugs that Goldinger said he was declaring, well, one more slap on the wrist in court today. So much for that harsher sentencing for drugs

Photo Credit Butler County Prison




One comment

  1. A stint in the “Big House” is just what the doctor ordered for this slimeball!!!! Albeit it’s only a slap on the wrist !! I agree totally with FiveAngels miscreants like this need to be locked away in a mental hospital to clear their heads !!


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