David Pfennigwerth,30 dies after a fentanyl overdose

David Pfennigwerth,30, died after a suspected fentanyl overdose at a home on the 400 block of Brady Street. Pfennigwerth was found Wednesday morning by the homeowner.  The homeowner told police he let him stay overnight as he had no other place to go.

Police found an empty stamp bag on a dresser in the room where Pfennigwerth was found, as well as a syringe, a spoon with white, powdery residue on it, and a small amount of marijuana.

Police said he had taken the fatal does of drugs and fell out of a chair and onto the floor until the homeowner found him. The Family for some odd reason has now started a gofundme account.



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  1. Yea really im not the one making inflammatory statement on this page or the other girl that od when he probably dont know the whole truth.


  2. Ok for starters the toxicology report isnt even back yet. His mother just baried his father and u people want to make all accusations but we and u have no idea what happened. He did have major underlining medial problems. We started the gofundme accout so she’ll be able to by him at rest. So please understand that if u read the gofundme page we r asking for the check or money orders to be made out to the funeral home not her. So unlime people wanna think shes doing this to get her son back unlike just his body will help keep his memory alive. But its hard to explain to a disabled child that just wants his dad


    • I’m sure the little retard does want his dad! I mean just for the fact he has never done shit for the kid. Stop playing, even you’re a deadbeat addict


      • ok 1400 I don’t care wat u think but ur not going to disrespect my little cousin like that y don’t u man up and put ur name on here so I can find u and take care of the problem I wont let some asshole disrespect my family like that wat if u was in this situation u wouldn’t want ppl talking like that stupid faggit


  3. Ok 1400 you can go fuck yourself my moms been clean and 2 we have problems ok he loved his son. Call my newphew a retard again and i will call you out i miss dave we grew up together. I didnt Condon what he did but we are all people that have ways to deal with our problems. All i ask is people not to talk shit on public pages . wanna talk ill be more then willing to meet up and talk


  4. I called him out yesterday and the pussy wont give his/her name out. 1400 your a low life piece of shit and your not worth the sperm that was used to create you.


  5. well butler citizen atleast I was man enough to to put my name up unlike scared little pieces of trash im not afraid to put someone in the hospital for making fun of a mentally challenged child im not stupid I want to beat the fuck out of the stupid asshole who would do that


  6. 1400 litte bitch ass wifi gangsta hidding behind a number you want to talk some shit on my my older cousin whos no longer here to defend himself who would give you the fcking hands anyday. An Then you call my little cousin that?! next time you referr to my little cousin it better be by is god damn NAME! an or Come say it to my face! On everything this my real name be a real man an tell me who you are! An i will gladly take you to a class and teach you some manners and respect because obvioulsy you have none. with no manners, respect or consideration. An at butlercitizen FUCK YOU and i quote “the family for some odd reason started a gofundme” yes for his funeral and be laid to rest rightfully an this artical goes to show how unprofessional and sorry excuse of jouneralism/Jouneralist! AN you’re so stupid obvisouly if he reveals his real name we ask around the town. butler aint really that big!


    • Fuck you back! Maybe put in the article the kid overdosed? Of course not! Expect others to bail your low class family to pay for a funeral. Man fuck you. My names Justin Castilyn asshole. I sure as fuck ain’t hiding from you or any other needle zombie. Fucking idiot!


  7. This is fraud, I have reported the account. The disclosure of death should have been revealed. I encourage everyone else to report this account.


  8. He NEVER took care of this kid! He was to busy shooting heroin. Welfare supports them all. Now they want more? Fuck outta here man. And ain’t none of you’ll doing shit. All you all are wanna be gangsters but snitched to get out of cases. You’ll should be added to the death club for real. And fuck you Butler Citizen, I ain’t misspelled a thing.


  9. 1400 when you refer to welfare supporting them all you must be talking about his “girlfriend”and her kids. I dont know her personally but what i do hear she she is a junkie she gets out of jail then within 2 months is in rehab and her kids are just like her. David did not abandon his son he was in his son’s life. I am not a want to be gangster but i do know snitches are bitches and if you get caught snitchen you can end up dead…. What got me started with this is you writing misinformation and hiding behind a number.


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