Sex Offender Edward Harold, 29, going back to prison for many years for failing to register again

Edward Harold, 29, of Butler was sentenced to 50 to 100 months in State Prison after he once again pleaded guilty to felony failure to register as a sex offender. This is the third time he has failed to register his details.

In 2007 he took a guilty plea for sexually assaulting a 12 year old, the plea was for ten years of Supervised Parole, and lifetime Megan’s Law registration. Well, he is not good at registering lets say, and he apparently likes prison also.

Someone called the State Probation Office indicating that Harold was not living at the home address listed on his registry after being released from the Butler County Prison on Dec. 13, 2016, he was in jail for you guessed it, failure to register.

After Investigation State Police said  his residence, employer and mobile phone number information was all found to be inaccurate.

He has failed to register in 2010 leading to 6-12 months in Butler County Prison

He failed to register in 2011 leading to 18-36 months in State Prison and 60 more months of State Probation

He failed to register in 2016 now leading to this 50-100 month sentence.

He served his last entire 36 month term, and one can only assume that he will serve this entire 100 month term after his third time not registering.

Photo Credit Butler County Prison




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  1. This pederast seems to like state prison:no responsibilities,your food is provided for you,your laundry is done for you and your in there with a bunch of perverts like you so you can indulge in your perversions whenever the mood strikes you.
    Your in a perfect place, away from us decent people ;now all we have to do is find a way to relieve the taxpayers of supporting you.
    They should put these n’er do wells to work on a farm the poor animals wouldn’t be safe around these pervs,digging ditches might work,Good bye, Eddie have fun in prison(preferably Rockview)


    • Prison is not bad. In fact I myself have served 8 years in prison, prison is not a punishment. I myself have had to overcome institutionalization by going back to jail several times not caring. I suspect this is not this molesters issue, but this is a real thing the state should address before releasing us to the streets. I did my time in SCI Graterford, guys like this would have got killed there.


  2. Dad did 5years in the”Rock”,he was never the same after that,as children we grew up in abject poverty my poor mother had 4children to raise so she couldn’t work we depended on government surplus food, now this was in the early 50s so there was no social welfare safety net .If you got sick or needed a dentist well tough luck.I remember that we as children were never told why our father was absent, we found out the truth when our older sister found letters my father sent from Rockview, when confronted with these my mother still refused to tell us the truth.
    Dad got out an got a job he was employed for 10years then got sick from being imprisoned and the hard labor he was sentenced to.
    I’m glad to see that you have had some success in your life Butler Citizen,good luck and thanks for this website like I tell people:it’s your”bully pulpit”

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