United Way wants you to waste time calling 211 for no reason this weekend

The United Way will have reps on the ground Saturday to see if people need help cleaning up yards from the recent flooding on Brady Street.

United Way will be able to help you Saturday if you call “211” even though they will have reps there in person….Wait what? Yes, you read that right, you can not tell an actual United Way member, you must call 211 first.

United Way and the scam it is is also asking for cash donations for the residents, saying they are “going to help with water heater replacement” United Ways funds almost never go to victims. You would be better flushing your hard earned funds right down the toilet then give it to these people.

The United Way Posted “A Clean-Up Blitz will take place tomorrow in the city of Butler as residents continue to clean up from last month’s disastrous flooding” and that “Residents who still need help and haven’t already contacted 211 should do so to be added to the blitz.”……So ya call 211 and ignore the United Way members parading around.

United Way


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