AJ Ayers is at it again, now scammer people from Butler. He is trying to charge Butler residents for a FREE service. Saying he is charging monies to listen to the public scanner feed.

Austin Ayers of 601 Prospect Rd Evans CityPA 16033  is asking people for money to listen to the scanner. Here is a screen cap, when called out on his ways all of the comments were “banned” and the dictator said they were “political comments” they were not, they were people telling him what a idiot he is.

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What is very sad about all of this, AYERS in 2014 asked the Public for help to buy his scanner and equipment so he could run a FREE scanner app. He then abandoned the app, and with the equipment purchased after he was gifted a LOT of money on the Gofundme he now wants to use his free equipment to charge people. Yes you heard that right!

He is trying to tell the residents of Butler that the county can only be heard on digital, this is a digital scanner he purchased. This is one more fraud by Ayers, Plus the county is not digital yet! Nor will the be for a while!

By clicking this link you will see AJ Ayers was gifted $600.00 through donations to run the scanner feed. Click the link to see the details  …. https://www.gofundme.com/butler911feed

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Ayers has taken his scam even more balls deep by filing for an “LLC” and telling users he is an “LLC” and Business. This is ALL FALSE. Let me articulate what an LLC is.

A limited liability company, or LLC, is a hybrid business form that combines principles of a partnership with aspects of a corporation. Like corporations, LLCs must register with the state government where they do business. Because these filings are public information, checking the origin and legal status of an LLC usually requires only a quick online search.

In fact, I did a public serch, Ayers business is not registered as an LLC. Just one more fraud in whatever game this dangerous person is playing. This is beyond idiotic and a pathetic scam by this fraudster, all you have to do to find an LLC is look on the States website for gods sake!

Butler NEEDS to be aware of this SCAMMER, who is becoming more bold, and dangerous with his social media following.

Justin Castilyn

And yes for anyone wondering, this is Ayers dressed up in a fake Police officers uniform that sources tell us he wears on the normal.