‎Joey G Pitera‎ becomes my internet bitch

Ok, So we shall start a series, anyone that wants to act hard, but does not meet me now makes this hall of shame, so everyone in Butler can see what a coward and internet bad ass you are.

This nerd posted this tid bit on the page.

We are going to have problems if you don’t stop. I have sat back and watched you drag my friends threw the muck at there lowest points for too long. Who appointed you to be Butlers mouth? No one. So why do you do this? Must be for attention. Well, you have mine, and that’s not a good thing for you. These people are not the problem. Heroin flooding that town to the degree that it is means there is a high ranking official looking the other way, and lining there pockets the whole time. How bout you start digging into that. I’m not asking you I’m telling you leave my friends and especially my sister Sara Minda off your page. Those lies you posted about Joelle Jae Lees and what you posted about my sister were the last straw. If you don’t know my name or who I am better start asking around, because I am not some one you want having this brand of attention. These people need help and all your doing is propagating hate. You have had charges against you before but somehow your immune huh? Keep your nose in your own business or some o e might just cut it off”

At this time the cowardley Lion has decided not to say this to my face, so be on alert Butler. I am starting a wall of shame, if you run your trap online, then hide from me. You will make the wall of shame




  1. I am hiding from you please the only thing scary about me is my breath pal. I told you I don’t live there but you removed that comment cause your a pussy and I’m glad you think I’m am internet bad ass cause next time I’m up there I’ll make a bad ass video of you running away like I said before you better ask some body about me, swear to god when i come to butler I am going to suck someones dick


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