Cody Pyle,27, of Chicora overdoses in the middle of a city street

A call came into the 911 center before 4 Pm for a man down and out in the middle of Reo and Eau Claire Street, caller stated male was laying in the middle of the street not responding.

27-year-old Cody T. Pyle of Chicora, was unresponsive but breathing. Butler Ambulance Service medics administered Narcan, which awakened Pyle.

Pyle after given his narcan was sent on his way to buy more heroin.




  1. Cody Pyle story ;
    I am the 911 caller .
    This kid was not breathing , had no pulse , his skin was blueish purple and he was stiff.
    I would like it known that 3 men came out of the bar and immediately started CPR.
    If it were not for these three men keeping him breathing until the ambulance, fire rescue and police showed up , the story of Cody Pyle would have been in the obituary section.
    Proves that we still have good samaritans in this city .
    I do not know the names of these men but would like to again tell them Thank you .
    This is way to close to “My Back Yard”
    I can only assume that we have a herion Dealers in our neighborhood .
    Neighbors need to speak up when they see suspicious activity and call 911 , this will help the police clean up our neighborhoods .
    I thought we were going to get tough on herion dealers , reading the Butler Eagle it looks like slaps on the wrist is tough enough ???
    DA Goldinger needs to ratchet the penalties up even more. Let’s get the Sherriffs deputies (2-3 cruisers in the evening ) involved in patrolling the city streets and arrest these people. This should not be the norm . This is an epidemic .
    Enough is enough !!!
    Lives are being lost !!!

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    • You know what I had heroin addicts living above it was brang to my landlords attention and also the police was called the neighbors and I had plate numbers and they had them on video dealing the drugs nothing was done and later come to find out one if the young men had overdosed and died.


    • There are no penalties the police are not allowed to arrest these people who overdose thanks to our governer


      • And it’s fucking bullshit I drink beer and walk down a street I get arrested for public drunkness and it’s legal not like heroin it’s illegal


  2. Of course, right in our city streets & backyards. If I was half dead I couldn’t afford to call an ambulance. It costs a lot of money. So, at least the drug addicts don’t have to pay that out of their most likely stolen drug money. This system of letting them go with or without the drugs they have left is… BULLSHIT!! Stop the madness, someone please. It’s not far to our elderly neighbors & children to have to be scared to leave their house. Remember: ALWAYS LOCK YOUR HOUSE & CARS, they’re out there looking, always!! Day & night.


  3. This article is absolutely disgusting. This is absolutely no one’s business but his and his families. This is the same as posting a story with someone’s full name, age, etc. when they attempt suicide. You are making fun of mental illness and you deserve nothing but the worst. You want people to stop using drugs? Show them the good in the world that they’re missing, not the worst of it. Shame on the writer, the publisher, and every single person sharing this story. I hope everyone you care about is perfect and never has to rely on medication, therapy, etc to feel better about the world. And no I do not know this man at all. And no I do not have a drug addiction. I just don’t like to be an asshole.


    • He would like to keep his business private he can overdose in the privacy of his home instead of in the middle of a city street in public View.


    • Being an addict is not a MENTAL Illness! Nothing to do with it! It’s liking drugs more then your life, family, work and so on! Sometimes you may also have a mental illness with it but it is not a mental illness. it’s being a dumb ass. The first hight you get, you Will never get again it, will never be the same. Stop chasing the high and get your life together. It can happen. I know.


    • Wrong , he overdosed on illegal drugs in public because he’s a drug addict, public resources and money where used to save him .
      Do a crime and it is the public’s right to know . Just like anyone else .
      Is it embarrassing for him ? Good , he’s a drug addict , face the truths here , absolutely no one forced him to take heroin. … he did .
      Hes a victim of nothing but himself , what he did IS a crime , FORCE help on him ONCE … after that it’s up to HIM.
      Hugging him and telling him it’s not his fault wont , it IS totally his fault.


  4. all these drugies should be taken and required to go to rehab and not allowed out until they kick their habit. then if they do it again and over dose ,they should be left to receive the out come they have chosen.


  5. If I walked outside right now and shit in my yard I could be charged with a crime. If I walked outside right now and overdosed in my yard I wouldn’t be charged with anything. How fair is that? The system needs some serious changes.


  6. Rescuers should ask the overdosed person if he wants to be revived and promises never to use again. If the answer is no tell him to call when he ready to say yes


  7. I don’t know what all the fuss is but you had to want help to receive help so really it is not anyones business if they want the drug or needle so be it you can’t help anybody who doesn’t want the help


  8. Seriously , people who believe the heroin dealers are the problem need a dose of reality themselves … are you people insane ?
    The problem is the drug addicts ! , if there is no market the business moves to a different location ….. just like a store .
    Yes , dealers need hinted down and imprisoned , but they did not hook these folks on drugs , weak willed minds and the search for a bigger high have . Its not a disease … not unless you want the government and insurance companies to pay for it..
    Some people are addicted to shopping, are we to throw cash at them ?
    He’ll No !
    This isnt doing anything but enabling these people to be addicts . Period . Not to face the reality of the issue , not to be held accountable and not to stop using .
    Pathetic !
    Im sorry , but hell do it again .
    This is not the solution , FORCE him to get clean , then it’s up to HIM to stay that way … help resources are and shoukd be available …. but you CANNOT help those who do not want it .
    Stop enabling the problem.


  9. Makes me sick give him the narcan which is free will be out doing drugs again. But make people pay for chemo that want to live!!!! But can’t afford to pay for it. Makes me sick they do it they don’t deserve to be saved!!!!!


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