Joelle Lees,34, overdoses for the 2nd day in a row. 

You might remember this girl from yesterday, she overdosed in front of a 7 month and 9 year old Tuesday, last night, Lees overdosed again.

Joelle Lees, 34, of Butler, treated Tuesday, overdosed for the second consecutive day at about 7:50 p.m. Wednesday, Butler police said.

Authorities found her unconscious on a sidewalk on West North Street  across from the City Building.
A friend who was walking with Lees called 911 to report she was unresponsive. Butler firefighters and Butler Ambulance Service medics responded along with police.

Crews administered Narcan, which awakened Lees. She was taken to Butler Memorial Hospital for further treatment.

Police cited her for public drunkenness.

According to her Facebook she does not have an issue, posting this message right before her SECOND overdose in two days.

And I quote-

“And if there were needles and bags around my child then where are my child endangerment charges? He don’t have the sex of my child right, both of my kids that were here are girls. Sophie literally JUST got out the bath and laid down. Alana has never sat in a poopy diaper more than a few mins let alone been covered in feces… And where does he say he gets this info? I’ve never had sex for money lol… The only thing he got right was I overdosed. But I didn’t even go into withdraws from the narcan. Bc I don’t use like that. That was obvious to everyone there, no withdraws, but I’m such a junkie…foh. I used recreationally, not BC I needed my fix so I wasn’t sick. Maybe not the best idea but I got unlucky and it was carfentinal. Cys drug tested me and I didn’t even come back positive for opiates! Which means I’m not using them everyday and that’s how you can tell it’s carfentinal, it

won’t show up. I made a mistake I’m paying for and I’m already scheduled at an outpatient center for it. I live with the guilt and pain it caused for the people who love me. I don’t feel bad for myself, I feel bad for my kids. I’m not any of the shit he says… And all those ppl talking shit on his page look fuckin retarded for believing his make believe delusions. You know I have people messaging me asking about do i still do back page…BAHAHA. So I’m getting harassed BC he falsely used my name…somebody let me know if he can get in trouble for being the reason ppl are harassing me BC he made that up. I told the last fucker that if he’s solicitating me for sex I’ll call the police then all the sudden he’s like no I need a cleaning lady.. Sean Kelly is his name. Can anybody tag this ugly ass Butler news guy? Pls do if so. Oh I have a message from him a while back of him telling me he

thinks I’m hot or some shit… It’s way back in my inbox but its there lol. But sorry guy, I don’t use all like that and my kids are never dirty and I’ve never had sex for money and my son wasn’t here and there were no bags laying around and I never even use a needle, I snort it if you must know. And ppl really are dumb enough to believe this shit and make comments like what he says is true, anybody believing him still these days is dumb as rocks. Ya what I did was dumb, but it was just a moment and I was lucky to live, I’ll get back on my feet and come back. I’m not dumb like those child molester following penises. I had a dumb moment, they are dumb fo lifffe”


There is nothing else that can be said about this girl other then the fact she needs to get help or she will end up dead. Anyone with a brain can see there is a problem here.


We have an additional update: she says she does not have a problem because she only snorts herion and does not shoot it (clear track marks on her arms) 

And to answer some of your idiotic questions-yes drug addiction is your choice-yes you’re an addict-you clearly didn’t learn as you were seen buying drugs again tonight. Stop placing the blame on others loser! 



  1. I’m so sick of hearihearing a medical issue is why someone’s an addict, it’s Drs fault….you miss took your meds, got high, liked it, DECIDED to try to keep getting high off it, so lied about pain levels effectiveness (been on opiatopiates almost 2 decades, benzos close to 3, never got high, never had withdrawals or cravings, go for long periods without them bc I’m not a dumb ads and use them AS NEEDED..own up to your shit, you DECIDED you like getting high..smdh


  2. Wow, she really put a lot of time & effort into “making herself better” and “learning from her mistake”. Why sit online & bitch about everyone else, then go out and “snort” again. Since that’s what she admits to doing. MOVE bitch. She best not have access to any of her children. Again, right in our backyards.??? DA Goldinger, what’s up? Why aren’t you helping like you said you would? MAYBE if she wasn’t allowed right back out there she wouldn’t have done this again so soon or maybe at all. Anyway, bitch you are a liar. The people who are posting shit about you, know, have heard or seen shit about you. Some of which you offer up yourself. Obviously, drugs are what matters to her. Have a feeling we will read about like the guy who just kept on overdosing. Butler needs to see the authorities or a task force involved in cleaning things up. I’m sure there are enough citizens of our city out there who are more than willing to help. When you report shit like drug activity & give plate #s etc, they aren’t doing anything anyway. Oh well, still keep trying, keep calling 911 for anything suspicious, guess it can’t hurt. Until next time liar,
    C U Next Tuesday.


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