Woman that overdoses in front of two kids takes shots at Butler News, needle zombies have united

In what can only be called is needle zombies coming together, Butler finest trash has come to the rescue of the trash mother that overdosed in front of her kids yesterday, and I mean this is Junkies sticking together folks. Here are some of the AWESOME screen caps.

Her previous article can be seen here… by clicking this link…



It is nice to see needle zombies sticking together… But Norman Kendall takes the cake…Norman, well I guess when Norman is not raping girls in Armstrong County he is knocking me out. I have got to tell ya, this rapist knocked me out so well, I do not remember ever being knocked out by this Junkie rat.

photo (8) Here are Normans rape docket sheets…Maybe he knocked this girl out?

photo (10)

Welcome to Butler News, as of this moment I have decided to make a “Butler wall of shame” Kind of a toned down Butler Trash. So when you send me this crap. You will be making the wall of shame. You have been put on notice.




  1. I grew up on Ridge Avenue. Norman was always the neighborhood bitch. All he ever did was talk. The only thing he was good at was stealing other people’s property.
    I can see he made it real far in life. I’m stunned he isn’t still in prison.


  2. On the flip side, his mother was a crackhead. No idea if he had a father, and he lived in deplorable conditions.
    I might also be mad in life if I was him. Being raised as a dirty kid and all. Norm was always the “broke kid”


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