Joelle Lees,34, overdoses in front of her kids, and in the street, But it is Butler News fault

I have never seen such a pathetic person that continues to “pass the buck” once again this loser is at it again online, you can see her facebook by clicking this link below to real all of her idiotic posts

Her newest crock of bullshit statement is below..As you will see, once again we are passing the buck. IT IS MY FAULT, NOT HERS!

“At first I was letting all the shit people were saying about me get to me. I was highly embarrassed, thinking bad thoughts… It was making all of my problems worse and harder to deal with. I already knew all the things people were saying about me. I knew I was a piece of shit for overdosing in front of my kids. The hardest part being how my 9 year old daughter felt seeing this and what she’s going through emotionally now. And my 6 month old daughter is not going to be with me for a little. Those 2 things have me crying myself to sleep at night, tears until i pass out. I cry on and off all throughout the day. But I talked to Sophie’s dad tonight for quite awhile. We talked about my kids, and how much I mean to them. And how I need to stay alive and get better for them. They wouldn’t agree with all the mean things people say. They wouldn’t agree with all the mean things I think about myself. Some things are true. I am a horrible mother for it. I really don’t deserve to have kids right now. I’m an idiot. A certain alternative “news” page on Facebook claims a lot of false and degrading things about me that have no verifiable source. Mainly because they’re bullshit, make believe delusions of a woman beating asshole. If you believe that bullshit you’re almost as big of an idiot as he is. But the peanut gallery and their 2 cents is completely irrelevant. Unneeded comments from people with big mouths who are commenting on a report that’s 95% made up. So WHO GIVES A SHIT LOL. I know what I’m doing way more than anyone else. I’m working on fixing myself and fixing this. That’s why I’m staying off of Facebook for awhile. I’ll keep messenger. Any negative messages are just gonna get ignored and deleted before I even open them, so you’re wasting your time. Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate. ,✌ out.

————————Why even bother giving this lowlife my reply at this point———- Clearly she has drug and grammar problems.




  1. Agreed. Not even worth your time to respond. Between the grammar and admitted drug problems, it’s too much. Its always going to be someone else’s fault. She has to want to help herself. Not looking that way. C’mon man she’s crying herself to sleep at night, what night the night she od’d again? Good idea stay off fb forever. Unfreakenbelievable. Also Jill’s comment is really funny. Keep up the good reporting.


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