Karen Berg of VOICe says trading kids in a high drug area under a bridge is okay

User Submitted

No nobody lost those I hate to say this but people go down there all the time and shoot up on the railroad tracks that’s why I told Butler ‘s favorite VOICE attorney Karen Berg that ” under the bridge, by the net is a terrible place to set up child custody exchanges”… but Miss Kimberly, (I don’t know her Last name) and Ms. Karen Berg do not care Bout the illegal drug activities under the bridge, or along the railroad tracks near the net. So you shouldn’t worry either, if it’s a safe enough place for VOICE to set up custody drops, it’s safe enough for the average person. Just walk around the needles, and don’t step on them and you’ll be fine.

These comments refer to a mother that wanted to trade her child off at the Railroad Tracks because the mother was to lazy to walk to main street to meet the father. Berg went to court, and asked a Judge (due to the woman being lazy) for this, and in turn this was granted.

In brief: Karen Berg thinks that exchanging kids in high drug related areas is not to bad of a thing, if that is what the woman wants. Even if It put the child’s life in Jeopardy.

This is what was found around the child’s exchange are this week…real safe Karen.





  1. So instead of these piece of shit junkies sitting in jail, maybe they should have to be hour picking up the garbage they leave behind!


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