Bar-owning mayor ends DUI patrols in Pa. town

According to reported the following,

“A mayor in northern Pennsylvania took a rather unorthodox stand against DUI patrols in his Luzerne County town — and it didn’t go down well at all.

Larksville Mayor Joseph Zawadski announced during a council meeting Tuesday night that he doesn’t want any more driving under the influence patrols, the Citizens Voice newspaper reports.

His reason? The DUI patrols hurt businesses, especially bars.

Mayor Zawadski should know. The Citizens Voice points out that the mayor is also the owner of Joe’s Place bar in the town.

And council members tell the newspaper that the mayor has said he doesn’t support roving DUI patrols because of the potential impact on bar owners, such as himself. In fact, Larksville police didn’t participate in a recent DUI patrol.

All this has touched a nerve in Larksville. And there is late word that the backlash has caused the mayor to back track on his attempted DUI patrol ban.

The Citizens Voice filed an update late Thursday saying Mayor Zawadski reversed himself on the issue in an interview:

“I changed my mind on the roving patrols now,” Zawadski said in the The Citizens’ Voice interview. “All of us make mistakes.”

The apparent reversal on the attempted DUI patrol ban comes after The Citizens Voice reported council members as being “floored” by the mayor’s comments, which some saw as “welcoming DUI in our town.”

Could this happen in Butler? Ben Smith is a bar owner and running for Mayor…Would it be that far out of mind thinking that Smith could do this in Butler to generate more finds for his bar that is not doing all that well. It might seem to be a stretch of the mind, but this could end up happening in the City of Butler if Smith were to win.




  1. Nah, doubt it. In my opinion this guy looks like someone like our current mayor who doesn’t mind drinking at the local watering holes then driving. Just don’t want caught. Ben has a family & children, I don’t see him as being anything like this. Don’t feel it’s something he’d believe in or even suggest. Go Ben!!


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