Joelle Lees, 34 overdosed in front of her kids, cys will return kids if she does short term rehab

You might remember this girl by all of the posts this week. She first Tuesday Overdosed in front of her kids, Wednesday she was walking down the street and overdosed right in the middle of the street. She has gone on multiple rants about Butler News, calling the users of this page the “real losers” and has made threats that she wants to confront me-Even though she put her head down at Butler Hospital when I seen her there and laughed in her face. Joelle seems to have true mental health issues, the following are exerts of her new posts. I guess we can call this a lesson from a user.

“Just wanna update what I wrote last night:
I won’t have messenger because the rehab center had a cancellation and saw me today for my eval….I chose 30 days at inpatient over partial or iop. The counselor phoned this in to CYS so I can’t change my mind come Monday. Yes, I got a bed that fast. So to all the people who think this is a joke to me, SUCK A FAT ONE. If I was playin I could have easily did 3 days a week at iop or 5 a week at partial and had that called in to CYS instead. So don’t y’all give up on me just yet! See you in a month FB”

Here is her latest post, once again placing the blame on others, saying she is in rehab within one day. What the true sad, travesty is, Butler CYS as she says will return her children if she does rehab. I can not imagine the trauma these kids must have suffered. Watching their mother dead on the floor.

Joelle then goes on to make this terrible out of her mind rant-I am not a rocket scientist, but clearly she was on drugs.

” He’s an ugly ass piece of shit. Id confront him in person if somebody knew where he lives…I won’t threaten him, just ask him why his life is so shitty that he needs to sit around making shit up about ppl. I’ll get better. Hell always be doo doo.”

I have no idea who this woman is, but it is clear she is troubled with a drug addiction and mental health issues.

Again I just got to ask-who is outraged that after the trauma she put her children through, cys has agreed to return the children to a known multiple year drug user. What in the hell is wrong with this city?




  1. This is terrible. Again Subjecting children to a hooker drug using mother. And where are the fathers of these kids as she has like 4 and lost them all to cys and her drug use. What good is she doing in this world? Being a hooker and drug user is not something positive. She is a loser who sucks off the system. I can smell the post coming later this year that she dies of a fatal overdose. She will never change, and has been a user for many years


  2. Here’s a big F.U to cys for all the bullshit u put citizens in our city through. Especially the children. Hoping none of u rest through a night, ever. Hope karma comes back around to u for all your wrong decisions. If the kids go back to her, obviously someone she knows has an in w the crooked system in Butler that’s supposed to have the children’s best interest. Yea, right. Losers


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