Kristen Lee Harold who transported Bentley Miller, has no issues in General Population at the Jail

Kristen Lee Harold who transported Bentley Millers abused body after Jordan Lambing assaulted the child is said to he living in the Jails General Population woman’s pod, and according to a source, they quote the following.

“The women on the pod have taken to Harold well enough for her to get along, Harold has had no issue on the Pod as of this time, Harold fits in for the most part. The woman have taken to her well enough as to where they will play cards and act the usual inside of the Prison”

So there you have it Butler, A woman that transported a child to who knows where, a child that died due to Rape and abuse, is excepted in the Population of women inside of the Jail. To say the least I am stunned.

Jordan Lambing on the other hand, continues to be locked in the medical word, under 24/7 protective custody. Staff tells Butler News that is where Lambing will stay until he goes to Prison





  1. Kristen will smash anyone in there trust that I do not condone what she did but I grew up with her n she is a fighter so no one will try her


  2. Oh she was such a good grandma, protecting her dirt bag son while her heir bled to death. What a disgrace. I am sort of thinking she barely tolerated the poor boy.

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