Tiffany Hilliard, 30, of Butler Brags to inmates about Killing Greg Bosko

The official cause of death to Greg Boskos  was “sharp forced trauma of the neck.” Mr. Bosko’s neck had been slashed and that it happened most likely the day he went missing.  Boskos body was found off of Redbud Road in Concord Township.

Tiffany Hilliard was arrested and was placed in the Butler County Prison, Hilliard was placed into a holding cell, and the shock begins.

In one of the most horrible, unwarranted rants, sources tell Butler News that Hilliard went on to brag in a holding cell of how “she killed a crackhead” and how no one would “miss this junkie” One of these inmates, went to the Police and told the Police everything Hilliard told her.

Hilliard is in General Population, and at this point has taken a less loud mouth stance on her Murder charges, But when she was first booked she often bragged that she killed Bosko like it was some kind of honor a source tells Butler News.

Hilliard then copped out and decided to snitch and start working with the Police for a lesser charge and less time. But the fact is, Hilliard is inside of the Butler County Prison almost boasting about her crimes, boasting so much that at least one female went to the State Police after she was released from Jail.

I do not know how this will play out in court, but it is disgusting that this mans life was taken, and this person goes into the County Jail in General Population, then brags like she did something of a good deed.






  1. Sick people, sick culture of drugs. The victim died at the hands of these two dirt bags but what if he overdosed on his drug? He would be shamed for being an addict. He died as the result of his addiction.


  2. Revelations Revealed 09/19/2017
    Comments are easy to make when misled and speaking from the minds of the ignorant. Tiffany Hilliard came from Psycotic Parents with no morals and extremely soulless. Worst that can be bred and only one part of a greater whole in this society. And the corruption within this society. Joshua Greaves just like yet another type just trying to fit into places he should not be a part of; with consequences. Look at his 30’s generation of outsiders and undesirables. Look at this age group and take notice of their various acts of irrirational behaviour that makes this generation Punishable by Law for being born. But like any member of this species: individualities have matches, whether for good or totally out of control, they still have a right to live and a purpose in life. People in general just need to find out where they fit in.


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