New rules for immunization takes affect for local schools 

As school starts, new immunization requirements have parents rushing their children to the doctor ahead of the first day. One of the new requirements requires parents to prove their child has had all their vaccinations within the first five days of the school year. In past years, parents had eight months during which to make sure their kids had their shots.

Many parents have expressed frustration with the new rules 



  1. Line up for your autism, cancer, diabetes shots. Come get your free aluminum, mercury, aborted fetal tissue serving.
    Do research don’t be sheeple.
    Question why is big pharma exempt from any lawsuit resulting in injury from vaccines?? Question, who pays for the studies concerning the safety and efficacy of vaccines??


  2. Check out for starters
    Please people, please do research on you own and do not just follow. Vaccines are big money $$$ for big pharma and doctors. My childs doctor is rewarded monetarily by full vaccination of each child. Damage done by vaccines creates plenty of new customers for asthma, cancer, ADD, etc, Please people we are losing a generation of our future by just going along with what “they” say is right and the law. I will defend my children to the death against forced vaccination.


  3. Needless to say he is my ex doctor. I found a physician who did not attempt to cram vaccines down my throat and into my child’s bodies.


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