Butler City Mayor Announces Write In Campaign

Current Butler City Mayor Tom Donaldson “Uncle Tommy-D” has announced on his Facebook that he plans to run for mayor mounting a “write in” campaign. Donaldson posted the following.

“As of today it is official!! The rumor that I was running write in for reelection was no secret, however, it is now confirmed as true.

Additional information will follow. The newspaper and radio are already covering this, as the announcement was made during City Hall with Dave Malarky”

Donaldson can be found on Facebook here. https://www.facebook.com/Write-In-Mayor-Tom-Donaldson-1214553928613939/


What does this mean for the City? Well it means Donaldson pulls off a miracle, or Jamie Lee is your new Mayor as he will take votes from Ben Smith, Smith might as well just give up at this point.




  1. If a murderer’s wife, who is more insane than the murderer himself, gets elected as mayor, it would just be…sad. Butler can do no worse than the murderer’s wife, yet she’s gaining momentum just by keeping her trap shut the past few weeks. She’s a narcissist who verbally assaults anyone in her path, including the elderly. Perhaps those pictures you’ve mentioned will come in handy.


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