Twin Willows Auto Sales,Once again has a set of wheels stolen $1000.00 reward

As posted on their Facebook page

“So here we are again, not even one year from the last time. We came into the office this morning and someone stole the wheels off of our 2015 Ford F150 Lariat Sport. There is a picture of what the wheels look like that were taken. We do have cameras and whoever did steal the wheels had enough sense to hack into our network and erase the camera footage all the way back to January. We are going to do this again, $1000 Cash to the lead that gets our wheels back. If not you can drop the wheels off after hours here at the office in the next 48 Hours and we will not press charges. Thanks for the looks and the time. We appreciate all the help we can get”

This is the 2nd time it has happened to this dealership almost a year to the date, last year almost to the date, someone stole wheels off of a Bentley. The thief has to this date not been found.

As of this posting, the Fords wheel thief is yet to be found.

If you have any information Please contact them direct on Facebook


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