Does anyone need a pretend job that pays nothing? I have the job for you

Once again, the local egg head strikes, AJAyers of Evans City Pa posted an add for employment on his website, for the LARGEST page in PA. First let me give you a TRUE screen cap of the LARGEST page in Butler, That would be the Butler Eagle.

photo (2)

See unlike this moron, I will post the numbers-And as of this point, the numbers show that the Eagle is beating everyone. Just because you merged 277 pages to get likes does NOT mean you are the biggest page-Idiot.

So moving on lets take a look at this wonderful job that pays nothing, what could the credentials be that pays nothing?  Ayers says you need the following credentials.

photo (3)

Check will be written from his moms basement, and you must accept Food-stamps as payment for your services. You must be able to copy the Butler Eagle word for word, and you must be able to run hate pages.

Ayers needs to add that you must be able to “merge” one of his 17,000 facebook pages when the Butler Eagle passes him in likes again.


Just food for thought, saying you have the largest media empire is kinda like winning the Special Olympics….You know the rest of the saying everyone.

I bid anyone good-luck with this large paying and huge position, I would be honored to have a huge Facebook page and live in my moms basement, sadly I moved on from those days years ago.

If anyone applies let me know what answer you get, we will post those results online.


One comment

  1. It’s absolutely hilarious to watch you Butler ,Pennsylvania idiots go back and forth … worried about Facebook pages meanwhile junkies are running the street … Lmao 😂😂😂😂


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