Barbra Midkiff, and the Butler City Police, confirm AJ Ayers lied again

AJ Ayers who I like to call the local social media moron, who runs his enterprise out of his basement, posted online that Police would be sending people tickets in the mail, for any and all traffic calls.

I did not know about this until the State Police sent me an email asking for this information to be corrected. The State Police were mistaken and thought I owned his page.

Midkiff who is an avid hater, and lived in a condembed trailer thought she would make a joke of things and messaged the City Police. Here is a portion of the comments

“Barbra Midkiff I dislike Justin but in this case he is right. I got info from the BCPD about it. Here is there response. It seemed wrong to me since anyone with a grudge can call and accuse someone as long as they know the color of the car and Licence plate no. Anybody can do it. I also have one in for the Pennsylvania State police awaiting their response. But I feel it will be the same. Sorry AJ.”


Ayers and his group of dorks that live in the basement shot back with the following Posting

“Aj Ayers I just find it funny how obsessed he is with me is all. But I had to laugh at this part….

“its saddening that some people have such a large online base of followers that believe these unfounded accusations…”

I DO NOT think it is funny to post false postings online, I do NOT think it is funny to piss off every god damn police department in Pa.

What I THINK is your mom needs to shut the god damn WIFI off in the basement of her house, This way the public does not have to put up with your BULLSHIT.





  1. Meanwhile the junkies are running the streets … But worry about some internet troll … Nice to see tax $$$ going to good use here in BUTT-LER


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