Brandie Blystone, of Butler, passes out high in her truck

Brandi Blystone passed out intoxicated in her truck at the Duncin Donuts on Main Street, Blystone was clearly nodding out while she sat in her truck. Bylstone then made the following statements on Butler News.

Brandie Desiree Blystone How about I’m the one in the picture and I was waiting on my sister to get off work so why don’t you all get your goddamn facts straight before you go running your mouths for one I’m not on drugs at all”

The real truth is while she was passed out, the female in the truck continued to get in and out of the passenger side of the truck and meeting people in the parking lot. I would guess she was not saying hello to all of these people. One can assume it is illegal activity. Blystone went on to make the following statement after she was called out.

“Ur funny bc my seat covers hide the seat belts in my truck for ur info I was texting my old man so get ur facts straight if u where so concerened why didn’t u walk over and ask me what I was doing”


“I’ll take a fucking picture of the inside of my truck just take this down I don’t need the drama I’m not like the rest of u butler retards”

And her rant goes on and on, until this Butler tard said the following

“Brandie Desiree Blystone I’m contacting the police right now
Like · Message · 9 mins
Butler News
Butler News Brandie Desiree Blystone And the Butler City Police will tell you to STOP doing drugs!
Brandie Desiree Blystone
Brandie Desiree Blystone Haha that’s not what they r saying and I’m not on drugs”

Blystone literally got ahold of a City Police officer in 5 seconds. Anyone with a brain can see this is a lie.

I find it amazing the idiocy that these junkies spew.

Also if you look real close, she said there was no seat-belt, you can clearly see in the picture that the seat belt was holding her up.



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