Beaver Township Police does not know the law,arrests man for Facebook threat.

An apparent threat made over social media has Beaver Township Police trying to determine if they should take the matter seriously.

Police Chief Carl Frost told local News that his department is investigating a veiled arson threat directed toward a plan to build chicken coops in the township.

Frost says some social media posts are blaming a foul odor in the area on the future site of Purdue Farms, which is building three large chicken coops along Elton Road.

police said these threats could cost you cash via fines and possible jail time if proven.

Some residents have expressed concerns that the chicken farm will impact their property values.

Police say the odor is being investigated but they believe the odor comes from a sewage lift station and not the building site that a resident made a threat against.

The facebook post is as follows

“I hate this chicken farm, I want to burn this shit down”

Police in the area screwed up so bad with these sets of charges, they will not even release the persons name. All that Police are saying is that he will “face charges for the post” It sounds like the Police are going to be facing a lawsuit.



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