Emlenton Man Jailed Following High Speed Chase (best mug shot ever)

According to ExploreClarion.com

49-year-old Kevin Lewis McFadden, who has an address in Emlenton and also one in Slippery Rock, led law enforcement officials on a two-county chase on Wednesday, August 23.

The chase began in Mercer County when a state trooper identified McFadden, who was wanted on several warrants; the trooper attempted to make a traffic stop on McFadden’s Chevrolet Cavalier. New Castle News detailed a wild run from police that included McFadden allegedly hitting a number of other vehicles before driving through a yard to evade authorities.

State police say McFadden made it into Washington Township, Lawrence County, and a trooper maneuvered his car forcing McFadden into hitting a tree, and he was arrested. He stated that he fled from authorities because of the arrest warrants.

McFadden is facing the following charges from this incident: fleeing and eluding police; reckless endangerment; DUI; criminal mischief; resisting arrest; flight to avoid apprehension; unauthorized transfer or use of registration; driving on a suspended license; reckless driving;

He remains lodged in the Mercer County Jail on $10,000.00 cash bail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for September 7 in District Court.




  1. This man is a threat to society, he has been doing the same things for probably 20 years and the courts let him back out on the streets , he has threatened members of my family , also police officers , he has run from police numberous times including wrecking into police cars , Has had no drivers license for many years , steals cars or trucks , and nothing is done , oh maybe a few months in jail then back out , what ever happen to 3 strikes and your out ??? This animal needs caged for life before he ends up killing someone !!!


  2. Hard to understand what is with the court system these days letting these nuts back on the street with little punishment for what they do. IN butler, the same is going on with druggies and misfit skaters. THE police have so much baby sitting with drug overdoses, they can not do the main job they were hired for IN protecting the public. I sure would not want to be a cop in this day and age.

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