Mega Church leader Joel Osteen is proving himself to be a dirtbag 

Pastor Joel Osteen can’t seem to get his story straight about why he didn’t offer his 16,800-seat megachurch in Houston as a shelter sooner for those displaced by Hurricane Harvey.
During an appearance on NBC’s “Today” show Wednesday, the head of Lakewood Church said its doors have “always been open.” Minutes later, he appeared to reverse course and admit that the church hadn’t initially encouraged victims to seek shelter there.
“If people were here, they’d realize there were safety issues,” Osteen said. “We were just being precautious, but the main thing is the city didn’t ask us to become a shelter then.”

Dozens of Houston-area churches, mosques, schools and community centers opened their doors to offer temporary shelter as Harvey pummeled the city earlier this week.

Lakewood Church, however, posted on Sunday that its building was “inaccessible” due to flooding and encouraged people to seek shelter elsewhere.

After backlash mounted on social media, a spokesman for the church announced Tuesday that it was prepared to shelter displaced people ― “once the cities and county shelters reach capacity.”



  1. What do the United Way of Butler County and Joel Osteen have in common?

    1) Both wait until being publicly shamed before offering to help flood victims.
    2) Both pretend to be non-profit charitable organizations.
    3) Both are useless hypocrites.


  2. I am not one to want to judge someone claiming to be doing the work of GOD, but I personally never put any trust in this OSTEEN bunch.


  3. This guy is a false teacher. The name it and claim it warped view of Christianity has been going on a long time and destroying lives.


  4. I figured as much, but people still fall for this stuff. ON my own taking, I watched this guy one time for a short period on tv and i got some bad vibes on him.


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