Tonya Kildoo, 39, faces charges after disturbing details come out

Tonya Kildoo, 39, also reportedly gave Chris Otto a lethal dose of prescription pills. But what happened after Otto overdosed is nothing more then what can be call disturbing.

Christopher Otto overdosed while he was with Kildoo,but instead of immediately driving her boyfriend to the hospital after he  overdosed, she stopped to get fast food with an overdosed Otto in her car, along with the child she stopped to get the food for.

Kildoo with Otto in the car then instead of calling for help, tried to feed him a pill to see if he would come out of his overdosed state.

She is accused of failing to call 911 or promptly getting her boyfriend emergency medical treatment.

But what she is charged with is all but a joke,sh is charged with reckless endangerment, a misdemeanor, in connection with the death. Yes minor charges that will not get her any kind of jail-time.

Kildoo told Police that after her boyfriend overdosed, she gave him Suboxone, a synthetic opiate that is prescribed to treat narcotic addiction. It primarily works by preventing withdrawal symptoms.

She also later told a hospital nurse that she splashed water on his face but he remained unresponsive.

At some point, while traveling in the car with her boyfriend and their child, police said, the youngster got hungry so Kildoo stopped at a local McDonald’s restaurant.

The defendant told the nurse that Otto’s “heart was still beating” at the time, according to a police affidavit, and “she did not think the situation was as serious as it was.”

Kildoo was charged through the mail, faces no jail time and this is being treated as harmless.




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