Former police officer sues department

Andra Schmid a former Adams Township Police officer is suing her former department for  unlawful sex discrimination.

Schmid alleges that Schmid was not interviewed for the police chief position when it became available although she had been a police officer for 15 years and had supervisory experience.

The suit goes on to claim that as acting chief, current chief Shawn Anglum began handing out unfounded discipline directed at the force’s three female officers.

The lawsuit was filed on Aug. 18 in U.S. District Court in Pittsburgh by Andra Schmid and her attorney, Kayla Drum.

“Schmid is as, or more qualified for a full-time position than any of the four men selected for full-time officer positions,” Drum claims in the suit.

Schmid also says are assigned older vehicles and equipment than the male officers is.

The suit claims males in the police department “are not disciplined or criticized as harshly … as Schmid and her female counterparts.” Schmid was suspended indefinitely pending termination May 20.

Schmid seeks loss of wages, punitive damages, legal fees and court costs in the lawsuit. Drum said the amount of punitive damages has not yet been calculated.




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