Heroin addict has a meltdown over Skate Park post. Posts racist,threatening rant

Local heroin addict Joe Hainer had an absolute meltdown over the post about Skaters making threats to kids online. Sir Needle Zombie went on to post the following racist bullshit and bitch statements.

These are direct off of my iPad as they came in. According to the IP they are off a cell phone so I can not get an area he is at when posting this.

Here is my point. There are good people that go to this park, then you have heroin addicts like this freaking loser that posts useless threats online.

Let me ask you something? Would you want your child near a racist and heroin addict like this? I do not know how much he goes down to that park, but would you want children near people that act like this?

Everyone can go to the first article and click the link to see his comment. You will see he was so stupid he linked his Facebook right to the comment.


This is saddening that people like Joe are even allowed to live in this world. How you should be ashamed of yourself. To brag that you “hit kids with your board” make racist statements, you should be ashamed of yourself man.

And just my two cents-you make all kinds of threats, bitch you ain’t man enough to do shit to me asshole!



  1. Lmao. This guy can’t even form a complete sentence. Years ago my son spent a lot of time at that skate park. Sad to see that it has become home to Butler’s degenerates. If the junkies like the park so much let’s build a fence and keep them all in there and maybe we can get out little town back. Oh and if someone would happen to fire bomb it…oops!

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  2. Joe aint shit.. hasnt been.. never will be and wtf is your point jess? You’re a bigger piece of shit? And idk what the “i let his bro nick die in a sheets bathroom” comment is but it was dunkin donuts bathroom you ignorant fuck!!! I am so glad i left that shit hole


  3. Dude sounds retarded af for real for real, I help build that park when I was a kid, it was built so kids didn’t grow up and end up like this piece of shit, I hope I see him down there, I’m bringing an army of kids with me too.


  4. 12?13? Years ago I helped build thisnpark. The purpose of this was for kids to have something to do. This way kids don’t turn out like this loser.
    I’ve not been down to this park in over a year. Last time I was there it turned into a Police situation. You had adults smoking weed near children offensive language. One individual yelled at a elderly resident “you go some good pussy grandma” I quietly left. Repulsed that this is what my hard work turned into.
    The one thing I can promise. If I ever took my group of church children down here this young man would not be bad enough to remove me or any of the children. It’s always the smallest guys with the biggest mouth in Butler


  5. These idiots may be adults in age but their actions and posts clearly show arrested development of their minds. If these skate park hero’s are the future we have lost this country.


  6. I SEE something about some kids and adults fighting at a skate park. THERE is not much posted about it, but i am interested in what that is about if you get more information on it.


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