Balloon, Release To Honor Bentley Miller

A memorial will be held Tuesday evening in Butler to celebrate the life a local 4-year-old boy who died earlier this year.

Bentley Miller would have turned 5 years old today. He died in March following suspected abuse.

Following Bentley’s death, a nonprofit organization was formed called Bentley’s Army. The group aims to honor the boy’s memory by revitalizing a playground at Butler Memorial Park.

Proceeds from Tuesday’s ceremony at Butler Memorial- which will include a balloon and paper lantern release- will go towards the park.

The Butler A.M. Rotary, in conjunction with A.K. Steel, is also expected to award the group a $5,000 check towards the project.




  1. A piece of my heart got torn out when I heard this horrific tragedy . It played over and over again for weeks. As I have ties to Butler and also have a grandson same age. I truly believe in God will deal out punishment to ALL that were involved in this act of one of God’s children


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