Local drunk walks in neighbors house,starts an argument

An drunk man was arrested after he ended up in a neighbor’s home and started arguing with the occupant.  Charles Barr Jr, 51, of Butler reeked of alcohol Aug. 30th when police found him staggering outside the wrong apartment on North Elm Street.

The victim told police that he was in bed when he heard someone come through his door. He did not recognize the intruder, who he believed was intoxicated.

The tenant asked the defendant to leave several times. Instead, police said, “Barr began to get angry, violent, and started to yell,demanding to know why the victim was inside of his house.

Barr eventually left but only after the victim’s called his parents for help that lived a few houses down.After daddy threatened to beat the shit out of Barr Barr stumbled outside. Barr was so drunk that he told police that he lived at the house, and he was so wasted he could not find his wallet that was inside of his pocket.




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