Two “crackheads” arrested at crappy motel

A local crackhead landed behind bars after state police say they found him Saturday in a motel room with over 300 prescription pills, crack cocaine and other contraband including dozens of crack pipes and a digital scale.

Police found Christopher Ray around 2 p.m. at the Longhorn Corral Saloon and Motel on Route 422,Police were called as the caller found this male suspicious in the parking lot, he was suspicious as he was hiding behind his car and peeking around the tailgate of a pickup truck.

When Police got there they found Ray standing in the doorway of the motel with the door wide open staring into space. As Police looked in the door they noticed a hooker and crack pipes inside of the motel room.

Local Backpage hooker Nancy Hinchberger, 50, of Butler, was passed out on the bed, she was also found to be wanted by Butler Township police on an arrest warrant for several unrelated misdemeanor drug charges.

Police later obtained a search warrant for the room. The search turned up 342 prescription pills, 47 crack pipes, a scale and several pieces of crack. No word on what the hooker charged him, or if her old ass was just chilling for free for drugs.

Christopher Ray, 44, was arraigned on felony and misdemeanor drug charges and placed in the Butler County Prison on $25,000 bail.


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