Donna Ackerson, 44, withdraws a sweet plea,chose to go to trial on 36 felony charges

Donna Ackerson, 44, withdrew the pleas to counts of felony arson, possession of a firearm prohibited and misdemeanor unauthorized use of a motor vehicle in two cases. He plea would have dropped close to 30 felony counts.

Ackerson was initially charged with 36 felony and misdemeanor counts in the first case, including felony arson and risking a catastrophe, the crimes all happened in Winfield Township.

Ackerson stole several firearms from a home where she had been living for a short time and set the home on fire cover up the crime.

While the homeowner was away, Ackerson pried opened a gun safe and stole nine firearms and other accessories, valued at $5,550.

She then walked the guns down the road only a few miles away to  Fenelton Firearms, and sold five of them and some accessories for the small amount of $400.00

She got caught as Fenelton Firearms have very clear cameras. State Police arrested her after seeing the video footage.

Ackerson went on to say that she did not thing her fantastic plea was fair, and that she was forced to sign the plea against her will.

She will not be scheduled for trial on 36 Felony charges.

Photo Credit Butler County Prison

Butler news request



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