Luke Blackham gets no time for sexual assault

Sex offender Luke Blackham was sentenced to county prison in Butler County Court on Thursday, in connection with an alleged sexual assault of a minor in 2014.

Blackham, 25, was sentenced to six to 23½ months, followed by 84 months’ probation and Blackham was also ordered to undergo a sexual offenders assessment and any required treatment, was made work release and community service eligible and ordered to pay a $1,000 fine.

Blackham was initially charged with felony rape, sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault without consent, aggravated indecent assault by forcible compulsion, corruption of minors, misdemeanor indecent assault by forcible compulsion, indecent assault without consent and providing alcohol to a minor.

As part of this guys plea, his charges were changed to Simple Assault and Corruption of minors, neither of these charges are sex offences. I personally do not understand why he needs sex offender treatment, when he does not have sex offender charges. One can assume this was set up for his attorney to appeal.

Blackham was accused of getting the 17 year old girl drunk and then raping her as she begged him tp stop raping her according to the first set of charges.

sex offender



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