My story of being assaulted at Father Marinaro Skate Park User Submitted

I read all of these posts about Father Marinaro Skate Park, and you are speaking the truth. I have been assaulted at the park. All because I wanted to ride a skate board and the guys would not let the kids on the ramps.

I am 14, I live down on Kaufman Drive. I rode my bike to the park. A grown man who I could guess was in his early 20s was there with others his age. I went to enter the ramp and was told to get the fuck out

I went on to say yo this is for everyone. A board came flying at my face and hit me right in the nose, he tossed his board right at my head, I was knocked out. Someone called 911 and I was transported to the hospital for a broken nose. The adult that hit me took off running I am told.

When the Police got there everyone told the police they did not know who the person was or what his name was that threw the board at my head.

It is terrible down there, I know it was Adam Bowers that did that, i guess he is a sex offender. The Police were so sure it was him that did that they told him he could not come back to the park because he was a sex offender.

When this happened you posted that it was a “fight” but in fact it was not a fight. It was me being hit by a board thrown at my head. There was no fight there since I was knocked out on the spot.

There are a few people that try to keep up the park,but the people that go to the park are just looking to score drugs and hang out as they are doing nothing with their lives.

I ask that you not post my medical paperwork, but I sent it so you do not see that I am just trying to talk shit.

The adults will not let the kids in the Park. There is nothing else to say. This is just the truth. The Police and city officials know what is going on and they do not care.

Its pretty much like if you aint part of the drug using or selling crew, you are not aloud into this spot.

Here is a video of Adam hanging at the park with little kids. Adam is the one saying “nigga we need water”  He then breaks his board by having a fit on it. That is Adam, the video is old, but he is there daily and one part of the problem. I guess he is also the one on the sex offenders registry that tries to chill with us kids at the park.

And here  is another one of Adam at the park with kids. He is absolutely part of the problem down there. I do not know why the cops keep letting him there.


Here is the link to Adam Bowers Megans Law, this should be a violation of his State Probation unless he has maxed out by now.




  1. I do feel bad for this young guy, but at 14 he did not make a good choice going to this park alone and knowing what this place is like. HE can count his blessings it was not worse. I know the cops have their hands full in the overall city, but with the bad reputation of the park, a drive thru should happen on more occasions. ALL this park has become is another WICK ST. and should be closed till the city can come up with some solutions.


    • The kids already have no where for them! The adults need to leave it to the kids and that idiot guy that did that to that kid should have a court order restraining him from being in, around and at that park period!!!!


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