PA Attorney General Trying To Stop Scams Against The Elderly

These so-called “Grandparent Scams” are popping up all over PA and my office is working hard to stop them. Here’s how it works–a scammer calls a grandparent and claims to be holding their grandchild or helping them get out of a sticky situation and explains that in order for things to work out the grandparent must wire money or send gift cards to the scammer. Unfortunately, too many seniors fall victim to this kind of scam. That’s why I’ve dedicated a division within the AGs office to root out these and other financial scams, arrest the wrongdoers and through education and outreach empower seniors to spot these kinds of scams and not become victims. If you or someone you know has been scammed email us right away at



  1. i am 71 and i am not stupid enough to fall for this stuff. older people need to use their brain and be accountable for not being a victim. Although, it is not just elderly getting taken by this stuff.

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