Local Idiot Seth Eismann starts argument, Seth says Saxonburg is its own county

It has become all to much as of late that I have to deal with local idiots, and I think we have found the village idiot of the week.

Local Idiot Seth Eismann has gone on a rampage demanding that I apologize, saying Saxonburg is not part of Butler County, In fact he has gone as far as telling others how he had to set me straight.

Well Congratulations Seth, You are the Butler News “Idiot of the week”

Seth, since it is clear that you are a idiot, here is proof that Saxonburg is in fact, BUTLER COUNTY DIPSHIT!



Saxonburg is a borough in Butler County and part of the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, in the United States. It was founded in 1832 by F. Carl Roebling and his younger brother John A. Roebling. The city was first named “Germania” and “Sachsenburg” before arriving at its present name. The population was 1,525 as of the 2010 census.[3]

Yes Seth, I am the “retard”




  1. Hey Seth:

    Now they call you Prince Charming
    Can’t speak a word when you’re full of ‘ludes
    Say you’ll be all right come tomorrow
    But tomorrow might not be here for you


  2. IS that his rubber doll in the back seat? PEOPLE that don’t even live there know Saxonburgh is part of BUTLER COUNTY. I think this guy is sniffing something.


  3. its a car seat , not a rubber doll. I think the wasteful thing here is the use of the butler citizens time and energy being wasted on things like this and lurking in the park during a festival where extra security is needed and picking fights where there needs to be none. if he is such a “no one” as stated above, why waste your time on it.


  4. Arguing about what shithole towns are in this shithole County… there is absolutely nothing worth pissing on if it was on fire in Butler County…


  5. Local junkies can’t figure out if their in Butt-ler or shitsackburgh…lmao this shit around here cracks me up … watching these junkies is better than a reality show


  6. I don’t wanna be rude here, but why do you always call people “idiots” “retards.” Just because they see something in a different way doesn’t mean they are any different then anyone else. It’s called having an opinion and I know you will target me for pointing this out. I just wish I could read one article from u that isn’t insulting anyone with your hateful words. I see you articles more as a bully than a helper. Please just read this and think about it. Thanks so much have a great day!


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