Saxonburg Constable Rich Daubner says he wanted to assault me for walking in a public park

Lets start by taking a step back in time.

On Saturday September 9th, around 8:30 Pm I was in Saxonburg after enjoying the arts festival for the day. I came to the realization “I need smokes” and my doctor told me I needed to walk more, so I thought I would just walk to the Dollar Store, man what a event that turned into.

I am walking down the road, and I come upon this little park, It has some tents in the park from the event. I follow the sidewalk as it is the ONLY way to get to where I am going. At that point I see some guy on a golf cart chasing me, it turns out this guy is local constable Rich Daubner of Butler Road in Saxonburg.

This constable then says I can not be here, I said hey man I am walking to the store, this shit is a public park dude. By this time I am not even near the park (and I have filed the right to know for the footage) And as this is all happening I see the gun this guy has on him, so I say, okay, “who the fuck are you”? I get back “That does not matter” (it does as a constable you have to identify yourself” And I am again told if I use this sidewalk I will be arrested, at that point I said call the cops asshole. If I did something illegal call 911. In turn the guy asks for my name, and I said you can not ask for my name idiot, kept walking, adding fuel to the fire I said “tell the cops it was the owner of Butler News”

So I never thought someone was so stupid they would call the cops on someone for using the sidewalk, I went to the dollar store and I see a Police officer, and he has a spot light on me. I thought “this is odd”  I purchase my items and make my way down the road, again there is a Police officer. (here are the pictures)

Now I admit I was wrong here, I could have acted more like a human, at that point I yelled at the cop-and for that I apologized and I admitted I was wrong. Police officer tells me he is just “patrolling and that is what we do here dude” Turns out I knew the officer, and he is a nice guy, never done me wrong. And he tells me that I did have the Police called on me by the local constable. (So I knew who Rich was before I got there) And I said “should I walk down the road” to the officer, who said, “its legal to walk there man” And the cop was so cool he said he would drive me home. My doctor said I was getting fat, so I chose to walk.

After I am done with the conversation with the officer I walked back home, and walking back home I hear “fucking asshole”  Mind you, I am trying to walk home, well within the law as the cop said. And that is when I pulled out the camera, you can hear me saying “perfect” and that is when the video started.

Of course when the cameras were rolling his attitude changed, and as everyone can see on the video I told him if I was breaking the law at 9-pm using a sidewalk to call the cops. I went home, posted the video, and figured all was well.

And then the back woods rednecks that have never left this little town chimed in and got the constable all riled up. And yep, I bragged I had some cash in my pocket, If you watch the video close you will see me pull the wad of cash out. Stupid as in a big city that shit will get you killed.

And now days later, we have the dog the bounty hunter wanna be bragging that he was so ready to “hit me” let me tell you something, you might want to act “hard” for your buddies online. But we know that isn’t the truth. And if your life is so pathetic that you need to boast about this on a small news page, your a simpleton. Point blank.

Welcome to small town living (A small town I really do not live in fully time in all honesty) Where a constable gets himself elected, is known for bullying women, and less of men then him. He feels such a need as an elected official to get online and brag about how he was going to or wanted to “pretend assault me” I am sure that would have been so easy when you had your hand on your gun right bud?  Here is the screen shot of the martial arts keyboard warrior. And mind you, this was several days ago and for some reason I am topic of conversation..Also, it is a clear reference to wanting to rob me when the words “I have five grand in my pocket-WACK” are stated. Sounds like this constable was thing of robbing me. Maybe it is just my take?

photo (1)

The community is so stunned I called out a person for not knowing the law, I see this online. And this truly made my day.

photo (2)

When I spoke with the ACLU  this morning, it is all but clear to see where this entire issue is leading to. I guess this is life in a small town, a small town that I do not live in full time, and a small town where no one will say anything to me about me when it comes to exposing corruption.




  1. FROM what i have read here and the perverted posts this clown has posted about sex acts with men, I don’t see how this puke got elected and for that matter, stays in office. ANY one claiming to be law enforcement has to present ID when trying to dictate too a person that they are breaking the law. I think you may have some legal recourse on this and it would be worth looking into. IN any case, SAXONBURGH AND THE BUTLER COUNTY needs to get this guy out of office as he is not fit to be on the street let alone in law enforcement.


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