Roger Young, 68, pleas no contest after molesting kids at wife’s daycare center. NO JAIL-TIME!

Proving once again, that even if a case is strong, money can buy you whatever is needed in the Butler County Courts. Roger Young, 68, plead no contest to charges of corruption of a minor. In accordance with the plea, all charges are dropped. Young will NOT be subjected to Megans Law after pleading no contest to molesting three kids ages 9, 3 and 4, at the Patti Cake Child Care Center on Route 68.

Young was initially charged with three felony counts of corruption of minors and three counts of misdemeanor indecent assault of a person less than 13 years old by the Pennsylvania State Police.

The plea agreement calls for a sentence of 12 months probation, with the first 60 days spent on house arrest with electronic monitoring, and a fine.

The daycare facility has since closed. The fine is expected to be $300.00 or less plus court costs. And three children’s lives are now ruined due to this perverts actions.

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  1. THIS POS may be getting off easy in this life, but he will pay in eternity with the likes of SATAN. THE courts are as screwed up as the perverts, druggies, and rest of the criminals running around.


  2. My kids went there for daycare. I always had a strange feeling about Roger but he was not really involved in the daycare from what I witnessed just his wife so I thought all was ok. Well I am thankful I have two boys and he was not attracted to them. Sorry if that sounds mean to the victims it is not my intent. I am thankful that my boys were spared and I was not forced to kill him which I would have done if my children were harmed. Thank God they were not.


  3. This lends credence to my belief that the legal system is lenient to child molesters because so many in the legal system are themselves child molesters.


    • You are probably the kind of person that blames all you problems and poor decisions on someone or something else. The system works in a manner that isn’t perfect but still the best in the world. Some judges and attorneys might need replaced but you can’t lump them all into one statement. Again Open Your Eyes. Know what’s in the constitution. Government is supposed to be here to serve the people and not the other way around. It’s people like you who spew ignorant statements without exercise decisive discerned decision making that allows your world view to be easily manipulated by aggression and hate. Probably out of fear.


      • Henry Scott – can’t really tell if you’re serious or not. For sure, you truly have a dizzying intellect – in your own mind (“without exercise decisive discerned decision making” indeed!). As anyone who actually read my post can see, I didn’t lump all judges and attorneys in one statement. I said “so many”, not “all”. And while I do know what’s in the Constitution, I have no idea why you think it’s relevant to this discussion. Or did I miss the part where you can admit to kiddy-diddling and get less than a slap on the wrist? Finally, you should read up on the concept of “projection”. It may help you to understand why you blithely toss out labels such as “aggression”, “hate” and “fear”.


  4. Sick,sick,sick…I hate to say it, but i hope he gets knocked out EVERYTIME he’s out in public. We as citizen’s need to handel these monster’s if the legal system won’t. Any body that would witness him getting K.O’ed needs to turn away…so nobody “see’s” anything & charges can’t be pressed against a hero (in my book)!


  5. Please, save your outrage for something meaningful. The security footage, from cameras they installed to protect themselves, didn’t show anything the county could use and that’s why the thing was drawn out for years, never went to trial, and ended with a no harm no foul deal. If they had enough money to buy their way out of problems, they probably would have sued the county for millions. Sadly the only thing that’s been ruined here is the reputation, livelihood, and probably life-savings of a guy who didn’t do anything wrong. I’ll bet any amount of money if you actually read the plea there’s something in there saying he can’t sue the county for what they’ve done to his family.


  6. After all the unsubstantiated BS that the uninformed hate mongers have openly and irrationally displayed, how can anyone feel that they could receive a fair and impartial trial. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty. If the court system was so sure he was guilty and they had the evidence to prove it; why would they even present a plea so low. Only one reason, they were not sure themselves of their case and evidence. It has taken so long which as the above person said is simply a ploy by the system to draw things out and make it financial difficult for someone to continue to fight in a trial so that by the time they offer an insanely ridiculous plea they take it out of shear need to have things done and over with. It is a financial strain on anyone to have to fight a government entity. I have followed this case from the beginning and know several parents including those with girls who loved it there and would take their kids back if they were still opened. The daycare was closed by the owner as the ignorant public would go by the daycare and insult the parents and kids that were there. haters hate and they don’t care who is caught in the crossfire. For once I wish people would use their heads and speak when they know something as fact instead of repeating nonsense. Grow up and learn to be responsible, respectful people of the constitutional rights that we all share. Someone can just as easily accuse you of something swear to it to the police and you can be arrested and facing the same thing and can totally be innocent. By behaving like an angry mob you give the establishment more reason to feel that certain rights should be restricted. Open your eyes.


  7. He is guilty, this piece of human garbage is friends with Goldingers dad “Dick” they have been friends for a good 30 years or more. There was no camera footage of anything.
    My child was called to testify and the plea was given. This district attorney’s office sold molested children down the tubes to protect a family friend.
    I know, one of these children molester were my child. I cried when I was told of the last minute plea.
    I’m sickened,saddened and repulsed at how this court victimized my child. And the other two children that are hopefully to young to remember this mans reprehensible actions.


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  10. This piece of crap molested me when I was 9. I am now 56. And it is him. Believe me you never forget your molester. When I saw this story in April 2015 I spoke to the state trooper on the case. The trooper said well the statute of limitations is up for you. THERE SHOULD BE NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ON MOLESTATION AND RAPE PERIOD. I would have crawled to Butler to testify against him. Sad part is he’s still molesting little girls. These current cases are the only ones we know about. We don’t know how many little girls were afraid to tell someone. I didn’t tell anyone till I was 28 because I thought it was my fault. I hope he burns in hell for what he has done to little girls. Burn in hell you piece of crap. BURN!!! God said in the Bible _ vengeance is mine. I will repay. (and he will)


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