Two local news pages act like children online, and my god-for once it’s not Butler News 

I’ve never seen such childish bullshit, weather it be from the Eagle, the guy that runs it. His words make the Butler Eagle look second rate and foolish. 

Here we enjoy a third grade fight between the Manager of the Butler Eagle, and AJ Ayers mommy, and now everyone is talking lawsuit when none of the parties have a case. 

Enjoy the screen shots. 

I feel the need to point a few things out. 

Ayers came up with the beginning ideas. He ran a 911 page, I ran a news page. Ayers relationship was terminated with Butler News after he was stalking firefighters. It almost got me sued. 

Ron-Nope were not a “team” sorry, But in my mind, I have a hell of a lot more respect for Ron then I do AJ. 

Here is the thing, The Eagle court file tort against AJ and maybe win in court. He copies them word for word, the problem is, AJ is on SSI and makes $100.00 a month via website profits. What could the Eagle win? 

WHY can the Eagle NOT sue Butler News? Think.  Just a little thought and someone with small intelligence would figure that out. 

I have a lawsuit against AJ-he just ignores the court filings, he thinks it’s going to go away?

David Shaw is AJ Ayers using a “fake name” -news flash right? 

Listen guys, a quick kudos to you both, for proving that both of the leaders of your respected businesses act far more like children online than anyone that’s professional would act. 

Ron-I ask for a little respect. I have a house, few cars. A little money. Please don’t compare me to Aj Ayers. AJ lives in his moms basement and drives a spray painted  Ford 500. That’s the equivalent of me conparing you to sagging man brests. It’s not nice Ron! 

And by the way, saying “Ron cheats on his wife” when you have no proof. I have a feeling you just made a BIG mistake. That’s all but the benchmark of libal 

I have the balls to admit this, the newspaper in print is failing, the newspaper on Facebooks “beating me” I’m 2nd In unique hits. The Eagle gets more hits then Ayers copy and paste website in one week, then he gets all month. Keep it real jag offs. 

Again, I just sat and had a meeting with everyone telling everyone now is the time we need to become professional, sell ads and strike. Thanks guys for acting like spoiled kids tonight -and proving my point. 

Also Ron, if you had a clue, you would come to find out that his mother actually owns it all. So you would need to sue her. 

What a bunch of children, and that’s coming from me. ….just think about that statement 

This is amazing, let me break this down-no one is during anyone. And Terri (a woman) and Ron are trying to figure out “who got the biggest dick” after this online smackdown of doofus words tonight. 



  1. I started using a anal toy about 5″ wide because I saw it once on the internet and used it every day for a while. Thought it would be ok. I don’t have any prolapse but I can’t close my sphincter at all now and it hangs down. I stopped using it about two weeks ago.


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