Justin Johnson, 20,received pictures of a dead woman’s body, Judge releases him

Justin Johnson, 20, was ordered released from the Butler County Prison by hang him high Judge Timothy McCune following a bond modification hearing this past week.

Despite revelations by the district Attorney that he received pictures of a 26 year old Melissa Bartos  dead body from the  killer, despite this, he  provided police with a false alibi for the crime

He is charged with felony hindering apprehension and misdemeanor false reports to law enforcement authorities in connection with the June 8 shooting death of Melissa Barto.

Johnson is released on Pre-trial Supervision until the disposition of his charges, Pre-trial supervision can add just about any kind of stipulation.


This is odd for Judge McCune who is known as the tuff Judge, I went in front of Judge McCune in 2008 for a probation violation. McCune asked while if I was in county jail did I have the time to think about the crime I have committed-I replied “I guess” McCune then replied “since you guess, here is 12-24 months in State Prison so you can think some more” On the flip side, McCune is fair when fair is needed. In my ordeals with Judge McCune I suspect there is something more to this story, and I do not think you should jump to conclusions just yet.



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