Justin M. Johnson, 19, accomplice in Melissa Barto Killing RELEASED from BCP

“Hang Em High” Timothy McCune the no nonsense and sometimes fair Judge, has ordered the RELEASE of Justin Johnson on OR Bond, Johnson will be put onto pre-trial supervision.

The Pretrial Supervision Program is intended to alleviate overcrowding in the Butler County Prison by allowing qualified defendants to remain free on bail pending resolution of charges, this is often used when the old jail was full, yet the new Butler County Prison has pods that have no one on them. Empty Pods.

Conditions of the program include referral to appropriate services, such as drug and alcohol, mental health or batterers treatment, and pretty much anything the county can make up to add to the terms of being released from jail.

Johnson had been held in the Butler County Prison since his arrest on June 21st on $100,000 bail, charged with felony hindering apprehension and misdemeanor false reports to law enforcement authorities in connection with the June 8 shooting death of Melissa Barto after the Pennsylvania State Police say he supplied an alibi on June 11 for the shooter.



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