Mitchell Kaiser was found dead after overdosing

Mitchell Kaiser,27  was found dead Wednesday afternoon on the bed of his third-floor apartment in the former Emory’s Taxidermy building on Wilson Avenue. Officers turned up hypodermic needles and empty pill bottles in the apartment.

Kaiser was known to help out around the troubled skate park in Butler, skaters had a memorial for Kaiser last night, in turn getting the Police called to the park for the 18th time this month as they were screaming and blaring music so loud that the residents in the old folks home could not hear the television.

Kaiser was trying to get the Skate Park rebuilt, but there is no funds for this project at the moment.




  1. He was a child molester, he was fucking with a 13 year old at the park. Dude was a piece of work cuz, cops got called on him few times for loud music at his crib, and everytime cops came he had kids at his place chilling. I got the balls to say it, Mitch was a child molester point blank, and thats fucked as his girl was good peops


  2. Don’t bash the dead cuz he was “helping” these young girls. Ya he did some messed up shit with teens but he was a good dude. These girls wanted to hang out with him, that’s the girls fault if he was messing with them. Stop blaming the guys for teens being sluts these days


  3. Don’t you worry about that we told them too, I’m concerned with why you keep posting things about this boy? Just leave our family alone!


  4. I am not for the death of anyone, thankfully this man is no loner on Wilson Avenue. A lot of us are here for protection from abusive exes and ex spouses. This man was dealing drugs outnof that apartment. The traffic was constant all hours of the night.

    On top of it, there was always teenage girls there. Between the young girls and the constant traffic we are thankful he is gone. And I speak for all of us on Wilson Avenue.

    We have called the Police on this man several times, we all knew this would be coming. None of us promote death, but thank god he is gone from this neighborhood. This man put all of us in danger by his drug dealing and dangerous ways.


  5. What were you honoring? A loser, drug addict, causght with drugs when they found his dead body. Guessing no job based on his scumbag location. What an honor it is to be him I guess. On top of being a drug addict, there is a suspicion he was a child molester. Let’s all honor him. Bunch of liberal losers!


  6. I called the drug hotline on this guy two times, he was dealing drugs right next door to broad street school. I watched them carry his body out the other morning. I felt no sadness. The women in protective custody, and all of us homeowners are thankful this guys gone. Even if it means death.
    Cops at his house multiple times a month, little kids coming out of his house at all hours. Selling drugs right near the school.
    This man was drama and a bad person selling a lot of poison to what appeared to be kids. Girls and boys. The traffic out of his apartment was constant.
    Perhaps he overdosed on purpose as the cops were watching him. And by the precious comments it’s clear that the young girls that were always at his apartment was not family.
    It’s been a much better few days with him gone! Call me heartless but her is not missed by anyone In this neighborhood


  7. Not sad at all, I live on Wilson. Traffic 24/7 to his place. He threatened a woman on the street saying “bitch you’ll pleasure me like it or not” The cops were called and he was warned.
    Death is terrible, this website is terrible. I dislike butler news. For the first time I’m glad to read this. My already scared children had to see this lifeless losers body carried out.
    A person was moving his possessions the other morning, we called the police as it was a odd van. Even the police officer said he was glad to see this drug dealer go.


  8. Ive known mitch for years , he was a good hearted man. He loved his family cared about his friends. Type a guy who would give you his shirt off his back. Its a shame he passed, i send my prayers and condolences to his family.

    For every one talking shit on some one who is deceast behind the computer screen, yall are everything thats wrong with butler. Not him, who struggled with depression and he found a way to cope . I cant believe what im reading, he was by no means a child molester, he was a loving father. Yall have no right to judge , you did not know who he was or what he was going through . He wasnt a bad person and he didmt deserve to go, he needed help… just goes to show what type of people you all are, people from butler who have nothing better to do then make themselves feel better by talking shit on the deceast.. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

    RIP Mitch, may god rest your soul


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