Steelers tee-shirts,and other NFL memorabilia burnt at a protest Saturday afternoon at the Ford City VFW Post 4843

It all went up in smoke – Steelers pennants, tee-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and other NFL memorabilia – at a protest Saturday afternoon at the Ford City VFW Post 4843 in Pattonville.

Janice Martin from Ford City brought a Steelers tossle cap, scarf, and Terrible Towel to throw into a large fire pit as part of her protest.

“We’re watching the games because we want to watch sports, not to see all these players protesting their own agenda on game time on our dollar, forcing their beliefs on us, and their views, and their opinions. They can do that somewhere else. If they are that upset about these issues, do something about the issues. But turning the whole NFL into their political soapbox ruins it for everybody else. So we are protesting too! We’re done with the NFL because they are supporting what these players are doing and we don’t support it.”

Ron Meyers from North Buffalo Township brought a Steelers jacket valued at over $300 and put it in the fire.

“I wasn’t in the service myself. My dad was, my grandfather, uncles, cousins. Just what they did last week was disrespectful. They left one guy standing there. That is not a team. Nobody else from the Steelers came out and supported their teammate. I just think that is disrespectful.”



      • THERE are some bad cops, but i think most try to do their job. I see more cops being shot than innocent civilians. MOST Of these blacks were braking the law when shot. THE protesters, in these cases, use it as a means to burn and loot their own neighborhoods.


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