Group to honor overdose victims, really?

The 3rd annual ‘Overdose Awareness Candlelight Walk’ will be happening in downtown Butler on Wednesday, October 4, 2017, and the public is invited to participate but not to overdose at the event.

Hope for Broken Hearts is a support group for families dealing, first-hand, with addiction. They meet at Mt. Chestnut Presbyterian Church every Tuesday, but for this event, they have teamed up with Grace at Calvary Lutheran Church in downtown Butler.

There will be a short service, a speaker, and then the candle-lighting as the walk then travels out of Grace Lutheran and down Main Street.

The entire event begins at 7pm.

Honoring people in a public forum that overdosed seems a bit far fetched, why are we not honoring someone that maybe made a difference in life? When will us working people of Butler get honored for something other then our tax monies paying for narcan!




  1. Because us families that lost a loved one due to this crap need love and support..and I am a tax payer. You need to stop thinking about your self and just be thankful that your life hasn’t been turned upside down by the drugs of our world.


      • Yes they chose to stick the needle in their body…but we did not choose to lose them. They are free now but we the innocent family members are left behind to hurt because of their choice. It’s about us left behind.


  2. YOU want to feel bad for the people you lost due to drugs and I can understand your loss but it stops at honoring a druggie. FIND someone to honer that is worth honoring.


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