Narcotics officers and police seized nearly an ounce of crack cocaine $6000.00 cash after a raid last night

Three people were arrested and charged after a raid in the City Of Butler Last night. Nafis Brown, 24, Anthony “Ace” Williams, 27 and Chelsey Schlagel, 22.

More than $6,000 in currency and a ounce of crack was found during the raid. The take down culminated a joint investigation into narcotics trafficking in the Butler City and Butler Township.

Found at the home, documents said, was a book bag, which allegedly belonged to Brown and contained approximately 24 grams of crack, $5,380 in currency and drug packaging materials.

All three remain in the Butler County Prison



  1. That’s in school zone too it’s less than 1000′ from school district property that should be additional charge her own fault she let the boyz in !


  2. I suppose if they are in jail we are paying for their keep and that is more expensive than the drug we give to bring them back from the dead. NOT much of a human answer to the problem so just let them OD and die.


  3. There should be a record of who overdosed and received a narcon shot. Everyone gets one shot. After that, let them die. They are only killing themselves, their kids and their loved ones anyway.
    People caught selling should get no chance. They should get no prison or jail time. they automatically should get a hot dose of their own stash. end of story.

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  4. They bust them and as soon as they can get out their quite for a day or 2 and right back at it and Chelsey knows better go back a couple of years gwr and her sister were on tv crying cause their mother over dosed and now she should be kept there but they all get right back out


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