Summit Elementary still has serious water problems

The latest round of testing at Butler School District’s Summit Elementary has revealed there are still elevated levels of lead and copper in the water.

The school was hooked up to a newly installed Pennsylvania American water line in August and testing of the water has been ongoing since. It was found that the water coming into the school is clean but when the company tested five randomly selected faucets, there were still high levels of copper and lead. This led engineers to think that the problem could be in the fixtures, which will now be replaced. If that doesn’t fix the problem, the district could need to replace some piping.

Summit Elementary has been closed since February. Summit students have been attending Broad Street Elementary, which was closed but then re-opened to accommodate Summit students.




  1. If it wasn’t the well that had the problem, common sense says it’s in building from day one I figured that out. But what do I know I didn’t go to person started this. Getting people fired for no reason. Had educated professional people look into it came up with city water.wrong .people who live around forced to hook up.sell the old school or demolish it I pay taxes 3 times to Butler school districts spending good money after bad.its the shool board that is the problem kids are fine where there at good water there they will go on the hill soon high school. Let it go .I can’t afford it no more my school taxes too high up every year other schools not like this. Get new shool boad with common sense sick people on hill.


  2. IF those in gov. were paid for how well they handle tax dollars, they would all go hungry. THE money they spend is not their hard earned wages, so they have very little reason to give a shit how it is wasted and how high taxes go.


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