Peter Gall, 30, faces felony charges after incident with mall security

Peter Gall, 30, was charged following an incident on June 20 in the parking lot of Clearview Mall in Center Township.

State police accused Gall of refusing to leave the mall’s parking lot and driving in circles so that security guard Michael Choate-Speckert could not read his license plate, according to the criminal complaint. He then allegedly struck Choate-Speckert with his car intentionally.

He said that he approached Gall’s vehicle and asked him to leave. His vehicle was labeled “Mall Security” and had a light bar on top.

“He responded aggressively with cursing and he did not want to leave.

Choate-Speckert said that he stepped out of his vehicle, and Gall then drove at him going an estimated 5 to 10 mph and struck him in the knees.

Mall security then drew his hand gun and Gall left.

EDITORS NOTE- I just do not buy into this, I have met Pete several times, nice guy, quiet, helps anyone who needs help. Coming from me that says a lot. There is NO way Gall just went ape shit on this person for no reason. I do not buy it one bit…Just my two cents.

Even the sad bear in the picture does not buy this!

Clearview Mall Storytelling



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