Friedman’s on Brady Street announces closing

Friedman’s Freshmarket within the hour just announced that their Brady St. store will close for good Sat October 7th. Employees will be offered positions at other stores.

Butler City is taking a major hit, first K-Mart, now Friedman’s




  1. I think to many theiefts drugs in Butler driving out good businesses, make more money on hill, having people in your store or lot Oding not a good thing Butler is what it is rt8 passing through at slow speed to North + south don’t stop.


  2. Thank God it is closing! I have ran in that store in a pinch and the food was out dated and I even got moldy cheese once. That store is discusting!


  3. Yes it’s a shame butler has become to absolute white trash that did frequent the store that’s probable had a hand in their closing you never knew if you would be robed in or out of the store most of the good people in butler have died and this is what happens when the white and black trash come in the police are kept busy going to houses for these people either for OD’s or disturbances of these playing house there’s not any time to patrol the streets .


  4. I agree with stunned! I bought some tomatoes their in a pinch and they looked like they had been on the shelf for so long they were starting to dehydrate ! Real crappy store ….glad it’s closing!!!!


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