Kelsie Parker overdoses again

Kelsie Parker of 128 Third Avenue overdosed again tonight inside of her home, paramedics showed up and found Parker unresponsive and covered in her own urine. 

Parker was transported to Butler a hospital. Again while being transported she commented on butler news and sent the following picture of herself High out of her mind. 

Parker is a known loser who overdoses at least once every ten days. She has been narcaned close to ten times now. 

Parker was served by The Butler County Sheriff today with a ten day eviction notice, sources tell Butler News Parker started screaming on the porch, shoved the notice down the front of her pants and screamed “eat my ass” 

The house at 128 Third is trashed, with bugs. Neighbors are messaging Butler News celebrating that she has to leave the neighborhood. 

Parker is currently in BMH being treated after her overdose tonight. 

Update-Parker is now begging the hospital for pain pills, making up illments and saying she is in pain-get narcaned, beg for pain pills. 

Basically she wasted Ambulance time and recourses to be rushed to the hospital for pain pills. 



  1. she is obviously very mentally Disturbed. She is going to continue using and overdosing on drugs and wasting everyone’s time in rescuing her. Why is this woman not been committed?

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